5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Glass Containers

- October 25, 2021

One lifestyle change we can make is to choose glass containers over plastic ones. Glass is safer and superior to plastic in many different ways, and it can benefit you and the environment in ways you may or may not expect.


1. Plastic is extremely harmful to the environment

Aside from the plastic waste that floats around like an island of rubbish in the ocean, there are many other ways in which plastic can harm nature. For one thing, it can take more than 450 years for plastic bottles to decompose, and if they have gone into a landfill, decomposition can take up to a million years.


At the same time, plastics can leach toxic chemicals into the environment. Plastics also have the ability to absorb toxins and pollutants that spill into the oceans, and researchers believe that plastic particles may also be present in the air we breathe. In the distant future, the Earth's sedimentary rocks could have a layer of plastic in them.


2. Producing glass is greener

The production of new plastics produces many potentially harmful substances, such as methylene chloride, benzene, sulphur oxides and methanol. However, the production of glass does not have the same impact. For example, the manufacture of a glass jar produces five times less greenhouse gas emissions than the manufacture of a plastic container of the same size. Glass also requires half of the fossil fuel plastic requirements in its manufacture. If you want to get more information about the best glass jar for cosmetic, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  


3. Glass is truly recyclable

As plastic is not biodegradable, it can be recycled. Maybe, therefore, it's not so bad? Maybe, but it's not that simple. Plastic loses its integrity every time it is recycled. For example, when plastic bottles are sent for recycling, they no longer have the same quality as before they were recycled. As a result, they need to be turned into something else, such as carpet padding.

 Glass Jars for Cosmetic

 Glass Jars for Cosmetic

As a result, every plastic bottle we come into contact with is a brand new plastic - it takes longer than we think for plastics to completely break down. However, glass is not like that. When we recycle glass, it does not lose its quality. A glass jar can be recycled into another glass jar, or even two. Not every glass container is recycled, but the point is that it can be.


4. Glass doesn't leach chemicals

Plastic containers can not only leach chemicals into the environment. This can happen especially when you transfer hot substances into plastic containers or microwave plastic food. Food, drinks, cosmetics and other items packaged in plastic may contain traces of chemicals found in the packaging, which can be toxic.


This is not the case with glass containers, as glass contains far fewer toxic substances that do not leach out of the glass in any case.


5. You can use glass for a long time

At some point, we will have to deal with plastic containers. They may warp from the hot contents or they may also discolour from years of use. Plastic can also absorb and hold potentially harmful microorganisms, which means that using plastic containers for long periods of time is not a good idea.


Glass, as long as you don't break it, will remain functional for many years. Even if it does break, the pieces can be recycled to make a new class of container. Although not all glass can be recycled, unrecycled glass can remain in the environment for a long time without causing harm (unless you happen to step on them).